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Party Ideas

Need some ideas to make your night sensational? Here’s some that’ll make it a big hit…

Costume Party

Dress ups are guaranteed fun!

Create a sensation and return to the razzle and dazzle of the Roaring 20s and their frisky Flappers, or the romance of the Glam 30s. Have a 50s frolick, or get down and disco with the sexy 70s!

Or pick a theme, like… Moulin Rouge, Glam Rock, Gods & Goddesses, Bad Taste, Hollywood Heroes, Wild West, or a Hawaiian Luau party – Aloha!!

Don’t forget to decorate ;-)

Blind Date
Get your friends together who need a helping hand and show them how it’s done! Sure way to get an invite to the wedding if things go well ;-)

Be My Baby
Each player brings a baby photo in an envelope and gives it to the host who puts the envelopes in a jar or bowl. During your Frequent Flirter® game, each time a player needs to ask a question to get out of the center, they can choose instead to pick an envelope and guess who the player is in the baby photo they’ve picked. Correct guesses win 10 Tickles!

The No No game
Don’t say “no”! Give everyone a Frequent Flirter® cocktail and a fun, costume jewelry necklace that is long enough to get on and off easily. While your guests chat together, they are not allowed to use the word “no”. If they do, they have to give their necklace to the person they’re speaking to. Play for as long as you like … at the end of the game, the person wearing the most necklaces wins – and gets 10 Tickles to start the Frequent Flirter® game! (Everyone else gets 3). You can of course be devious and bait your subjects by asking them questions to which they would normally answer, “no”. Like, “did you have any trouble getting here tonight?”

Revolving Restaurant
Play each journey at a new location to coincide with a different course (appetizer, entrée, main and dessert)!

"Everything in moderation, including moderation."
- Oscar Wilde

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